Age of Empires 2 Taunts

Add Age of Empires 2 taunts to Plug.DJ chat.

When a chat message starts with one of the numbers listed below, an original Age of Empires 2 taunt sound will play! It's almost as if you're actually sending your archers into your opponent's woodline.

Install: Userscript


# Result
1 Yes.
2 No.
3 Food please.
4 Wood please.
5 Gold please.
6 Stone please.
7 Ahh!
8 All hail, king of the losers!
9 Ooh!
10I'll beat you back to Age of Empires.
11(Herb laugh)
12Ah! Being rushed.
13Sure, blame it on your ISP.
14Start the game already!
15Don't point that thing at me!
16Enemy sighted!
17It is good to be the king.
18Monk! I need a monk!
19Long time, no siege.
20My granny could scrap better than that.
21Nice town, I'll take it.
22Quit touching me!
23Raiding party!
25Eh, smite me.
26The wonder, the wonder, the... no!
27You played two hours to die like this?
28Yeah, well, you should see the other guy.
31Attack an enemy now.
32Cease creating extra villagers.
33Create extra villagers.
34Build a navy.
35Stop building a navy.
36Wait for my signal to attack.
37Build a wonder.
38Give me your extra resources.
39(Ally sound)
40(Enemy sound)
41(Neutral sound)
42What age are you in?